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Dr. Still (18")
Dr. Still (18")
Dr. Still (18")
Dr. Still (18")
Selfless (Miniature)
Campfire (Miniature)
Abstract Woman 1 (Front)
Abstract Woman 1 (Side)
Dr. Still (Beardless)
Dr Still (Miniature)
Wolfbird (Back)
Wolfbird (Front)
"Archer" Project
Dr. A.T. Still-Alive
Ace Ventura Likeness
Dr. Still
Wonder of Life
Knox Co. Community Center
The Gift
ATSU Memorial Plaque
The Purple Heart
Cart Table Over/Under
Minimalist Console
Minimalist Console
Breakfast Cog (Glass)
Breakfast Cog (Glass)
Minimalist Coffee
Minimalist Coffee
X-Factor Table
Minimalist Farmhouse
Minimalist Farmhouse
Freeman Table
Minimalist Native
Junker Green
Bent X-Factor Coffee
Junker Orange


Brandon Crandall is a native missouri artist known for his highly detailed bronze sculptures.  he graduated from the University of Missouri in 2006 with a bachelor of Arts degree in sculpture.   Since that time, brandon has worked as a freelance sculptor, creating such works as curiosity, the purple heart, and selfless, among others.  One of his most prestigious works to date can be seen in Missouri's State Capitol, in the Hall of Famous Missourians.


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